Top 5 Richest Female Musicians Nigeria And Their Net Worth 2019

Here in the page, we have to offer you a competent information on the top 5 richest female musicians in Nigeria; and their net worth.

However, Today, many upcoming female Nigerians musicians is work immensely hard to perform like male in the studio; by given out what inspires people via musics.

Moreover, with their positive outcome, this has brings competition to them via their net worth each year. But notwithstanding, we are to concentrate on their achievements that has to reflect on 2019. visit now

Here below are the outline of the top five (5) female Nigeria musicians.

Here is the list of Top 5 Female Richest Musicians In Nigeria Currently:

  1. Tiwa Savage net  worth $5.5 million.
  2. Yemi Alaade  net worth  $4.2 million.
  3. Omawumi   net  worth $3 million.
  4. Chidinma  net worth $2.8 million.
  5. Seyi  Shay  net worth $2.1 million.

1. Tiwa Savage net worth $5.5 million.

Singing has become a very lucrative business which Africa ladies is trending and performing well today.

However, in Nigeria Tiwa savage is one of the most performing singer today; she can write well in times of writing songs, act also perform as well in the stage.

Tiwa is a very popular Nigeria R&B singer that entertain the public with an inspiring musics.

Moreover, Tiwa Savage was born on February 1980 at Ikeja in Lagos state, Nigeria; Tiwa Savage real name is Tiwatope Savage. When she was 11 years old, she left to London, from the beginning Tiwa Savage had a good record for music.

Furthermore, music is a thing of practice to Tiwa Savage  because she love music , when she was in UK schooling, she study music.

Tiwa Savage was born on February 1980 in Ikeja Lags state Nigeria. The real name to Tiwa Savage is Tiwatope Savage, when she was 11 years old, she left to London to continue her education  where she begging to discover her destine as a musician;

For Tiwa Savage to become the richest musician in Nigeria, here are the features that credits her being the richest with the sum of $5.5 million.

like, 1. sealing of her music album,

2.having contracts with corporate giants such as Pepsi, Nestle, Forte Oil, and Kongo.

3. She also in the news recently for having a multi – million dollar deal with Jay – Z. the deal she had with Jay- Z,  makes her the richest female musician in Nigeria.

4. being an international show actress, she move round the would to perfume. so the above mention feature qualifiers her the richest female musician in Nigeria. visit now

2 . Yemi Alade net worth  $4.5 million.

This lady is a popular pop singer who is a Yeroba actress, born in the year 1989  at Abia state currently living in Abuja; she makes her money through Pop songs.

However, during 2014 she won an award  for 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Award and  also retrieved a 2013 ELOY  Award.

These has to earn her about 210,000 Twitter followers and  more than 2.4 million Instagram followers.

Moreover, Yemi have engage with so many famous companies  the year all through or advertisements  which has to promote her with the net worth $4.5 million to rank as the second richest female musician in Nigeria.

Here below are the cooperate bodies which Yemi had deal withe that fetches here the huge amount of money that rank her the second among others.

Such as Nariabox, Closeup toothpaste,NP Gandour and Barcadi breezer. visit now

3. Omawumi  Net  Worth $3 million

Megbele Omawumi  was born on 13th  April, 1982 to the family of Chief Dr. frank Aye Megbele  She attend her primary education at Nana primary school, and then move to the college of education Demonstration Secondary School where she finished her secondary carer.

However, she continued her Degree studies at the Ambrose Alli University for Law degree, in Ekpoma, Edo State of Nigeria and graduated in 2005.

Moreover, before she begins with her music carer she had to practice law profession with her law associate

This is a well known Nigeria female musician that is good in songwriting, singing, who also perform well in the stage both in Nigeria and in abroad.

She is very active in the music industry,  she been doing well in-time of music

Omawumi has won so many award, this has to estimate her a good financial net worth value; she is an inspiring singer that most music lovers, love to listing to her music.

Omawumi makes her money through the sales of her music albums , shows, also having a contract with companies for advert.

However this has to rank her the third richest female musician in Nigeria with the net value of $3 million. visit now

 4. Chidinma  net worth $2.8 million.

Ekile Chidinma is a well known musician who is known with the popular stage name Chidinma, she is Nigerian singer,  and a songwriter. Chidinma was born in the year 1991. shis currently living  Lagos and she studied at university of  Lagos.

Chidinma became famous when she was able to move to the stardom in 2010 and won the third season MTN project fame west Africa.

Moreover, After winning the project Fame the next year chidinma released her singles “jankoliko” and “kedike” this made her won the kora awards for the beat female West African act.

For 3 years today, chidinma has been an Ambassador  for Mtn and have won so many award that rank her the 4th richest female musician in Nigeria with the net worth of $2.8 million. visit now

5. Seyi  Shay  net worth $2.1 million.

Last on the Top 5 Female Richest Musicians In Nigeria currently:

This lady is a Nigeria musician who was born on December, 21 1985. in London; where she spent her early childhood. she started visiting her country Nigeria when she was age two.

Oluwaseyi is Afro pop singer that study music and business management as a profession have been doing well in the music industry with an inspiring songs.

However when shey navigate to the stardom with her music talent she begins to entertain her Fans and many others that loves to listing to her music, also having shows with many known artist like ,Michelle Williams, Rob Knox, Brain Micheal,etc.

These features has to make her the number 5 female richest musician in Nigeria;with net worth of $2.1 million. visit now


Here above has provide to you the names of the Top five female richest musician in Nigeria with their net worth.

Moreover, this page also gives more of your requirements on the net worth of Top 5 female richest musician in Nigeria; such as; The locations, education status,  and many more.