Students visa to Canada Best University/ Instructional Guides To Apply

If you are able to secure the student Visa to Canada best university, you will be eligible to study in any of this best universities in Canada.

However, Here in the page; we are to give you the reliable and legit instructional guides; on how you can apply to get to this best home of studies.

Students visa to Canada Best University

When you want to study in Canada, you have to first of all secure the require visa that will navigate you to the country. Now for you to apply for the students visa to Canada, you have to follow the secured instruction guides on how you will apply.

Moreover, before you apply for the visa in question, you have to know the type of  visa you are applying for; and the require steps to follow during your application.

Now, if you are a student that is not a citizen of Canada; you’ii need the study permit, to study in Canada.

This permit, is specially design for the student like you, who are ready to begin their study abroad; precisely Canada.

However, we going to give you a reliable information about the process of getting the Study permit; to decide if studying abroad in Canada is right for you. visit now

Students visa to Canada

Having known that there are types of visa for travelling, and the specific one that is design for international students; that want to travel to Canada for studies.

Here below are the types of  Canadian visa

types of  Canadian visa

Temporary Visas

Students  Visa

Visitors Visa

Work permit Visa

Super Visas for Parents and Grandparents

Business Class Immigration

Federal Skilled Worker Visa

Canadian Experience Class Visa

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Quebec -Selected Skilled Workers Program

Family-Sponsorship Program

Provincial Nomination Programs

Live-in Caregiver Program (LCP)

However, all the above outlines are types of visa to Canada , no emphasise although we are to focus on the student visa only.

Student visa to Canada

The benefit of studying in Canada is that you get the right to bring your family as well as a spouse with you. You can also apply for open work permit in Canada after the completion of your Studies.

It is the ideal destination for International Students as Canadian government provides complete right and freedom of work while studying. Pyramid Services has special courses for those students who wish to study and continue living in Canada Permanently.

We help and guide students throughout the process so that you don’t face any hurdles during the processing of your application. We try our best to help you achieve your goals of studying overseas in Canada.

Eligibility criteria for Student Visa To Canada.

You are eligible to apply for a student visa to Canada when you are able to fulfil the below criteria.

  • When you have been accepted by a designated learning institute.
  • You need to prove that you have adequate funds to pay your tuition fee and living expenses
  • Ensure you make the provision that you have a clean background and no criminal record. The aspirants need to produce a police certificate to prove this.
  • Go for health checkup and produce a medical certificate that certifies that you are in good health.

Finally, during the visa interview, you have to try as much as possible and convince the visa interview officer; that you will leave Canada once you are through with your studies.

Student Visa To Canada requirements

Before you apply for the student visa, you have to ensure that the school acceptance letter is secured. and you have to start processing the visa around April if you are aiming at the July intake. the  following below the documents required of when filling the visa form.

1. Valid Passport

For you to be able to apply for the visa you should provide a recent valid passport. As of the Canadian High Commission, it is important that you have a passport which validity that extends to cover the intended stay in Canada.

For example, if you plan to travel to Canada in September 2019 for a two-year course, your passport should be valid until at least September 2021.

2. Proof of Acceptance by a Designated Learning Institution

here you’ll need the acceptance letter from the university/Institute you are planning to attend. A Designated Learning Institute is the University which is recognised by the Immigration Department. (Here’s a list for your reference). In case you are applying for Quebec, you would also need a CAQ which you would be duly notified.

3. Proof of Funds

At the time of application for your Study Permit, you would have to show proof of funds. As per the present standards, you would have to prove that you would have enough funds to pay our tuition fees as well as take care of living expended. The Canadian Immigration deems a student would require at least Canadian $10,000 for every year of your stay. Apart from the above two, the student would also have to prove that he/she has enough funds for a return fair as well.

Instructional Guides To Apply For Student Visa To Canada

Apply for student visa to Canada have to follow the instructional guide line that will guide you effectively to apply and have approval visa..

Gain Admission

The first thing you have to secure before apply for visa, is the letter of admission(acceptance letter) to study in any university in Canada. It is very important because it is one of the requirements you need to secure before your visa application.

2- Gather Supporting Documents

Ensure you fill the student visa form to study in Canada; now keep all the aforementioned supporting documents ready by gathering them.

These documents are important because they represent you at the embassy. You should make photocopies of each document and if possible scan them into an electronic device like a computer system or flash drive.

3- Submit at the VAC

After submitting your application and making the required payments, a receipt will be issued to you which contains a tracking number. You will use the tracking number to track the progress of the visa application process. Also, be ready for a interview

4- Track your application online

When you are ready to track your visa application. click on the website This helps to see the stage of your visa application and know when you can collect your passport.

5- Collect your passport

The last step is to visit the visa application centre (handled by VFS) to collect your visa when it is ready. You will be notified when it is ready for collection.

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For you to secure a student visa to study in Canada you have to follow the instructional guideline listed in the page above.

However, this will help you make your processes smooth and also reduce stress of tracking process.