Privacy Policy

You may like to contact us or also to about us here but we  rather tell you to relax, that we will provide to you how to contact us, but for here; it is just for our personal information.

The privacy of our costumers becomes very important to us, that is to secure our information for them.

Now when information is collected by us, privacy has to document, and outline the type of personal information received by [email protected]

Cookie notice

Certainly, we use cookie to make our services effective to you. these files are placed above drive of you computer, tablet smartphones or other devices when ever you visit a website.

How We Collect And Use You Information.

Lgitguider has it perfect duty by protecting the identity of its visitors by limiting the collection of there personal information. yes we ensure that every information provided by you to us is secure not to be posted to the viewers.


We always collect every information about you when ever you subscribe to any of our service. these information we collect about you includes you names phone number Email address city state and age. Here users has every right to edit their information for change.